Seniors give because…

Those who came before us made Cal what it is today.
Cal is a time and place in our lives that we’ll never forget.
We are going to change the world — starting here and now.

Reasons to Give

We give back because seniors before us made our Cal experience possible — and we want to pay it forward. We give back so that students who come after us will have access to the same (and better!) opportunities we had. And we give back so that Berkeley stays #1 — the best public university in the world.

History of Senior Gift

The annual Senior Gift Campaign is our way of celebrating our years at Cal, and giving back to leave our mark on a place that has changed our lives. Since 1874 — when students raised $48.10 — seniors have been coming together to show how much Cal means to them. Last year the Class of 2018 raised $80,145 from 1,682 seniors. This year, the Class of 2019 is ready to meet and beat that challenge!

Get involved!

We’re always looking for fun, energetic volunteers to help spread the word! Contact Alex Rodriguez for more info on joining Cal Student Philanthropy.